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Love Mercy, Do Justice

Join us in sharing the Word of God: providing education about the border, addressing migration, and sharing a meal and a cup of coffee.

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Serving at the Migrant Resource Center and beyond

Sister Emma, sharing how she is able to serve when the suffering is so heavy, said, "There is a strong presence of God in each of the persons who coming into the Migrant Resource Center (MRC) seeking refuge, and a presence of God in the team of volunteers. We do this service seeing the face of God in our siblings who are migrating, and we continue forward in prayer and action."

Shared by Marina Forero, Director of the Children's Enrichment Ministry at the New Hope Community Center: Sindi is a young mother with three children and a husband with cancer. One day when our team was taking emergency food support to families impacted by COVID, we passed by a mechanic’s garage and saw six children playing. We stopped to talk with them and realized that their family was in need of food support. They introduced us to Sindi and she thanked us for the help and we exchanged telephone numbers. When I called her to ask if her children wanted to be a part of the enrichment ministry, she was very happy and gave thanks to God: “This is like an invitation sent from heaven; it’s something the children need in these times.” She explained that she had been struggling to help the children keep up with their school work. Three of the children are hers, and three are her brother’s that she cares for following her brother’s death due to COVID-19. In addition, she has to take her husband to the state capital of Hermosillo each month (a 470- mile round trip) for chemotherapy, and she struggles to find help for the children with their school work. Today is the children’s first day and we are excited to be able to accompany them and Sindi in their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development. We give thanks to God for what we have and that God in God’s goodness responds to needs.

These are just two stories of how Frontera de Cristo and you make a difference. Thank you for your donation.