Coffee, Conversation, and Compassion--2 pound minimum please

August 4, 2021 @ 8:17AM — October 30, 2021 @ 8:17AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

An opportunity for you to purchase Café Justo/Just Coffee and assist the Agua Prieta Community and the Salvador Urbina Community during the pandemic.

Coffee, Conversation, and Compassion--2 pound minimum please image

Fellowship with Compassion, Conversation, and Coffee

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Thank you for enjoying Just Coffee and helping both the Dougla-Prieta Community and the Salvador Urbina Community.

Doña Soraida died on March 17, 2021, at age 90. When she was 72 years old, she help to found the Just Coffee cooperative to address the root causes of migration. Because of Just Coffee, her son Mundo was able to return from Atlanta, Georgia to be with his family and is now a member of the cooperative. Her granddaughters Madelin and Nilda are the first in their family to graduate from university.

We are grateful for Doña Soraida's vision and perseverance and that of all the first generation founding members of Just Coffee. We are also thankful that she was surrounded by the presence and love of her family over the last years of her life.

At Frontera de Cristo, we are grateful to be working with Just Coffee during the pandemic in the Coffee, Conversation, and Compassion program, through which you can have their delicious freshly roasted 100% organic coffee delivered to your door for $12 per pound and Just Coffee will donate a portion (from 10 to 30% depending on shipping cost) to COVID-19 relief in our communities. #coffeeandcompassion #cafejusto #visionandperseverence.

The COVID pandemic, along with an increasing number of migrants arriving at the border, has had a big impact on the Dougla-Prieta community. Your coffee purchase will provide COVID testing and emergency food relief, as well as help keep people employed.

Special thanks to our partners at the New Hope Community Center, DouglaPrieta Trabaja, and Lirio de los Valles Presbyterian Church who organized the distribution and to Just Coffee for donating a portion of the proceeds from their coffee sale.

This CCC Campaign will run through June 30. Miss the fellowship? Make yourself a cup of Just Coffee and call a friend right now!