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Love Mercy, Do Justice

Join us to Provide delicious, organic coffee for guests of Migrant Shelters; Address root causes of migration by expanding the impact of the Café Justo model; Educate North Americans about the connections between their economic choices and migration.

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$25,000 goal

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"Me Hace Sentir Bonito Aqui/People make me feel beautiful here!

Carlos was deported from the United States, separated from his wife and children. He soon fell deep into his addiction to drugs. His family, friends, society and even he himself had lost hope that he could live a full life in our community. Through the support of our partner CRREDA, the emotional and spiritual accompaniment of our Street Pastor Rosendo Sichler Rubio, and his job at Cafe Justo y Mas that provides him a work environment that is supportive of his recovery, Carlos is expereincing new life and has a brighter future-- "Me hace sentir bonito aqui/People make me feel beautiful here."

Join with us as we expand our capacity to cultivate hope in our community with adolscents, young adults, men and women struggling with addictions; with students who are targeted by the drug culture not only to consume but to traffic; and with coffee farmers who continue to address root causes of migration by growing, processing and providing 100% organic, shade grown coffee directly to their customers and now to partners who are providing welcome to our sisters and brothers who find themselves far from home.